Little voices.

We all have the voices in our heads. No, I am not schizophrenic. There is a constant chatter in the background of our minds all the time. It’s nothing new. We all know this. It sometimes keeps us from falling asleep at night. What is new, for me, however is the realisation that it is not ‘me’.

This voice that is always putting ideas, visions, sounds, tastes etc. into words in my head is not what makes me ‘me’. The ‘me’ that I refer to is more than that voice. Much, much more. This voice is just my brain reacting to stimulation and even sometimes, lack of stimulation. My mind may perceive things differently to the real  ‘me’. My mind would perceive a rollercoaster as dangerous and tell me to stay right away. The voices could be telling me horror stories of what will happen to me if I consider getting on to that contraption. The real ‘me’ knows that the rollercoaster would be fun, exhilarating and ,although scary, is as safe as crossing the road.

When I am talking to someone else about me. I am not talking about the little voice in my head. I am talking about what is beneath that. Greater than that. Stronger than that. The real me is what I feel inside when I can manage to quiet that voice or just let it talk to itself for a while and not listen to it’s words.

The real me is in there. It just doesn’t talk much.

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